Writer’s Day Workshop

Pencils Ready? READ! WRITE! ROCK!

Anything I ever think about writing is either too long, too short or too boring…
Brian Higman, (alias Big Hig) Miss Fromme’s class / “The Sloppy Copy Slipup”
The Writer’s Day Workshops are available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grader’s. Using, “The Sloppy Copy Slipup,” your “OUTSTANDING” students will write about their so-called “boring lives” – beginning with their names, and ending with – well – who really knows the mind of a writer?
Blast a sentence, illuminate a moment, visualize the scene – and begin a SLOPPY COPY!
I look forward to writing with you soon.
DyAnne DiSalvo
Artist/Author of Children’s Books

Writer’s Day Workshop:

  • $1800 per day (limited availability)
  • Three one hour and fifteen minute workshops
  • Group size: one class is perfect, two classes combined is the limit
  • Lunch with the author
  • Book signing
Teacher’s workshop available upon request:
Teacher Workshop example

“Learn It All” 4th + 5th grade Awesome Music
Verse 1: What makes you think you can be anybody if you just won’t give your best?!
I used to think that when they challenged me, my teachers were just being a pest.
Now I know the reason that I come here. I wanna learn it all year!
Verse 2: Although I know I have to work hard and read,
Sometimes I don’t always know what I need.
Given variety and choices to make, convinces us all to partake.
At Viola our teachers help us feel good. If we want to read anything we could!
Bridge:We know that gym and art and music give us a break.
Showing interest in many things will make us great!
Coda: We want to be the best that we can be here.
We want to learn it all this year!
Awesome Music teacher
Ms. Melani Hampel
Suffern, Ny