DyAnne’s Community Kids

  • Decorate the halls of your school! - Joseph Citta Elementary turned their school's hallways into the community map from Grandpa's Corner Store!

“Inviting an author creates literacy-rich experiences that contribute to lifelong learning and make a lasting impression….”
Barry Warner – Rockland County Times

  • Invite your local press to your author event!

  • Have a Spaghetti Dinner

  • Once-A-Month Food Drive Friday

  • Plant a tree

  • Recycle sneakers / printer cartridges

  • Save box tops and pull tabs

  • Collect eyeglasses and school supplies for various causes.

  • Write letters to a local senior citizens group and make friends for Bingo!

  • Have a “lunch bunch” knit hats for the homeless/knit blankets for an animal shelter

  • Have a clothes drive

  • Clean up a park or playground

  • Learn to play Bocce