Writer’s Day Workshop

Brains Ready? READ! WRITE! ROCK!

Anything I ever think about writing is either too long, too short or too boring…” –Brian Higman, (alias Big Hig) 
The Writer’s Day Workshops are available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grader’s. Using, “The Sloppy Copy Slipup,” your “OUTSTANDING” students will write about their so-called “boring lives” – beginning with their names, and ending with – well – who really knows the mind of a writer?
Blast a sentence, illuminate a moment, visualize the scene – and begin a SLOPPY COPY!
I look forward to writing with you soon.
DyAnne DiSalvo
Artist/Author of Children’s Books

Writer’s Day Workshop:

$1800 per day (limited availability)
Three one hour and fifteen minute workshops
Group size: one class is perfect, two classes combined is the limit
Lunch with the author
Book signing
Teacher’s workshop available upon request:
Teacher Workshop example

“Learn It All” 4th + 5th grade Awesome Music
Verse 1: What makes you think you can be anybody if you just won’t give your best?!
I used to think that when they challenged me, my teachers were just being a pest.
Now I know the reason that I come here. I wanna learn it all year!
Verse 2: Although I know I have to work hard and read,
Sometimes I don’t always know what I need.
Given variety and choices to make, convinces us all to partake.
At Viola our teachers help us feel good. If we want to read anything we could!
Bridge:We know that gym and art and music give us a break.
Showing interest in many things will make us great!
Coda: We want to be the best that we can be here.
We want to learn it all this year!
Awesome Music teacher
Ms. Melani Hampel
Suffern, Ny