Author Day Visits

PowerPoint Topics

“Who Inspires You?”
Ever wonder where an artist gets ideas or how a story begins? Designed for K – 3rd grade readers
“Neighborhoods Rule!”
How does an artist become a writer? Everyday community heroes are the real life inspiration for the author’s books.
Designed for 3rd- 8th grade readers
City Green
Right in the middle of Marcy’s city block there is a littered vacant lot. Find out what happens when a whole neighborhood pitches in to help make a difference in their community.
From inception to publication through sketches, illustrations and of course, endless rewrites.
Designed for 3rd grade – Adult
City Green: A Musical for All Ages

Author Day Example:

  • One 50 minute PowerPoint presentation for grades K-2

  • One 50 minute PowerPoint presentation for grades 3-4

  • Lunch with 10 reluctant readers/writers

  • One 50 minute PowerPoint presentation for grades 5-6

  • Each presentation includes a character drawing that is donated to the school library.

  • A 15 minute visit with afternoon kindergartners. DyAnne was an afternoon kindergartner and does not want them to miss out on the event!


To schedule a visit or for more information please contact DyAnne at

Executive Assistant to the Author:
Leann Carlson

Book Orders

To order books conveniently for your event, please contact: Allyson Hickey 
Publishers will provide a 30%-40% discount on books that are purchased for author appearances.