What Schools are Saying…

“I never heard of alliteration. and it really perks up the story.”
Amanda, 3rd grader
“The Sloppy Copy Slipup really got me “hooked on the story.” I always wanted to know what happened next.”
Bobby, 4th grader
“I like how the characters in your books become your friends.”
Jessica, 3rd grader
“The lessons you delivered on how your books come to life are still shared and remembered by UNIS students and teachers.”
Chip Barder, Head of School, United Nations School of Hanoi
“It was fun learning how you list silly names for your characters and improve “rice cake” sentences for GREAT sentences.”
Maika, 4th grade
“The behind-the-scene insight of your published and non-published work really connected with our student writers!”
– Deborah L. Wilson Director of Curriculum, Gateway Group Schools, NJ
“We love, “A Dog Like Jack”. It made us all laugh and cry. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience these emotions together and to be able to discuss a very tough subject in class.”
Mrs. D’Orazio and her First Grade Class, PA
“…as a teacher and a mommy you hit the mark – BIG TIME!”
Jana Edelman, Viola Street ES, NY
“My son came home from school and couldn’t stop talking about your visit. Thank you!”
Jinny, NJ
“I like how you use a little bit of fiction and a little bit of non-fiction in your stories. Thanks for that writing tip.”
Julia, 5th grade
“City Green grew not only plants, but friendships, too.”
Jessica, Delsea High School
“Great book you wrote! In my opinion, I would rate this book a 5 star! The Sloppy Copy Slipup
is the best book I’ve read so far.”
Arnav 5th grade
“Just wanted to thank you for the author visit at school yesterday Megan couldn’t stop talking about it last night and was writing down outlines for her next book according to the instructions that were given at the presentation as she went to bed.”
“It was great how you were able to give the children meaningful advice that they can use when it came to writing.”
Angela, North Broward Preparatory School
“The students and teachers didn’t want to see you leave!”
Peg, St. Philip Neri
“You’re a great author and illustrator. I might be an author and illustrator when I’m a little older.”
Julia, 3rd grade
“I think that what you talked about encourages a lot of kids to do art and writing.”
Lenny, 3rd grade
“The feedback from staff and students has been really positive. They liked your presentations and the connection that you fashioned with each group – almost immediately. Thank you for being such a gracious guest…”
Melanie Speechley, Media Specialist, Cherry Lane Elementary
“I really appreciate you coming to my school. You changed a part of my life…”
Laraun, 4th grade
“The students were so excited to share their thoughts and drawings with you; you have inspired them through and through…”
Nina Pratowski, Conshohocken Elementary School Media Specialist
“I learned what a soup kitchen was…someday I would like to help others by serving food in a soup kitchen too….”
Tommy, 4th grade
“Your presentation was informative and entertaining. You are truly an inspiration and a great role model for students…”
Keely F. Mahan, Principal, Longstreth Elementary
“…You inspired me to slow down so I can do better….I don’t like to read, but you inspired me to keep trying. YOU ROCK!”
Dillon, 5th grade
“Thank you so much for your visit. It was not only interesting and informative — it was inspiring. The girls felt the same way. FYI – Friday was suppose to be senior cut day — they decided to come in to see you instead.”
Debra Ronco, Our Lady of Victory High School
“…One little boy was so moved by the book, “Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen,” that he asked to volunteer at a local kitchen, “like the boy in the book did.” …Thank you for making a positive difference in our children’s lives.”
Michelle Cook, Horace Mann School
“It was an honor meeting you….one of the greatest gifts in the world is to be an inspiration to others and help them to discover their hidden talents….”
Gina Bisogna, Art Teacher, Cedar Grove
“…Your books appeal to and touch different people in different ways…Students are still lining up to check out your books…Old Man Hammer and friends will stay with us for a long time…”
Kathy Lewin, Librarian, Eleanor Rush School
“…You really inspired so many kids to try their best when writing and that they don’t have to look very far for ideas to write about…”
Cindy Rossien, Whitemarsh Elementary
“…We had a great time. We are looking forward to you coming back to work with the 3rd grade students with your writer’s workshop…”
Marie Durante George C. Baker School
“…you showed off your stack of rejections and hammered home the fact that you really had to keep pushing…you were an inspiration… I was ready to throw my novel in the toilet instead, I will keep submitting.”
Melissa Palmer, Crest Memorial School
“…You showed me that not everybody does something right the first time. Now I feel it’s okay when I mess up.”
Brandon, 4th grade
“…Your presentations were enjoyed by everyone! …The teachers were very impressed by the information you gave their students. …The kids all enjoyed your talks and are fighting over your books.”
Suzanne Freyer, Librarian Plymouth Elementary
“I thought your assembly was awesome! You really expressed how you felt when you write your books. It was great seeing how an author grew up. It makes you feel more at home with them…”
Kayla B., 5th grade
“…The staff is still talking about how this was the best author visit ever…You have inspired so many children to write about what they already know about.”
Elizabeth Schaefer-Fokas, Cherry Lane School
“…Our students were thoroughly engaged by your presentations…I will recommend you to the other principals in my district to let them know about our terrific experience.”
Linda Bard, Principal, Eugene Auer Elementary
“…We like your books because they help us to read better and they are very interesting. You helped us to see that being a writer is fun…”
Emily, 2nd grade, Ridge Park Elementary
“…Your approachable and very ‘down-to-earth’ nature put everyone at ease and fostered a sense of feeling good about themselves…conveying, “hard work pays off” and “stick-to-it-iveness,” certainly is inspirational for us all.”
Lisa Libman, PTO Shongum School
“…What I really liked about your presentation is that you allowed the children to ask questions all along…you cut right to the chase from the start and talked about perseverance and determination. The only negative thing I have to say is that there was not enough time…”
Lisa Sanfelice, PTO Lincoln-Titus Elementary
“…your presentation gave the students the idea that if you work hard enough and never give up that you can accomplish anything. Thank you for inspiring us all.”
Suzanne Porco, 4th Grade Teacher, Springville Elementary
“This was an awesome experience for the children to be able to interact with an author on a personal level…We’ll do anything we can to get our children to read.”
Dana Lawrence, Principal, Lindenwold School #4
“…Thank you for making such a wonderful impression on our children…the way you held their attention was over the top…Keep writing those books so we can keep reading them.”
Billy and Sami’s mom, Lake Grove, New York
“…The topics of your books show a very caring and good community spirit, which we should all learn from.”
Shelley, PTO Smith School, Tenafly, NJ


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