Plum Creek Literacy Festival

A VERY WARM THANK YOU! to Dr. Leah Serck, Ms. Vikki Gremel, and Dr. Janell Uffelman, for hosting this very special event!!

Plum Creek Children's Literacy FestivalThank you to all the Concordia student teachers and educators who led us around so we didn’t get lost – and took us to our visiting schools in Lincoln, Nebraska!!

Over three thousand K – 8 students and teachers traveled as far as EIGHT HOURS to meet all the authors and illustrators at Concordia University.

Education students, faculty attend Plum Creek Literacy Festival

Literacy is the foundation for lifelong learning, but how do you ignite a passion for books in young people?

How about introducing them to their favorite authors and illustrators in a festival environment that’s all about reading?

Getting children and educators excited about literature is the aim of the Plum Creek Literacy Festival hosted by Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska.

Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival



Plum Creek Artists and Authors



The Beautiful Nebraska Sky




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